20 tips for dating

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20 tips for dating

Being in love is one thing, and keeping that love alive is another. Once you have found your dream girl, follow these tips to keep her head over heels for you.Always be interested in learning more about your girlfriend.

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Actions speak louder than words, so show the amount of care and concern you have for her through nice gestures.

In the morning, remember to call her and ask her how she is, then ask her how she slept. Be the first one to do these things, and be thoughtful and considerate towards her.

This shows that you care not only about her body, but also about her as a person.

It can be anything from preparing a lunch or dinner to taking her somewhere exotic or fun; just plan it, then surprise her.

For your soulmate, you want do something that will make her feel special; do things that will make her realize that she’s lucky to have you.

Or suddenly announce an impromptu scavenger hunt or hiking trip you've been secretly planning.

Things should be prepared well beforehand, and carried out in an organised way.

You can also break up monotony by teasing her playfully (don't be annoying) about something she really likes, whether it’s a certain food, the way you touch her, the words she likes to hear you say, or something which she wants you to do for her.

Make her really want it before you tease her; this can make the entire relationship more interesting every time you do it.

These surprises and secret activities don't have to involve expensive material things, just fun things that you know that both of you will enjoy together.

Be unpredictable, but in a good way—this creates anticipation, as she keeps wondering what's next.

Do something special for her once in a while that'll make her remember you when you're not with her. You need to set limits, as attention can backfire if you are suffocating her with your clingy or needy attitude.

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