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Added to that there is the governments incomprehensible insistence on talking only to self-styled community leaders, which makes it impossible for any Muslim, such as the Sheik himself, to get through different ideas and different experiences.Most Muslims in this country come from the Indian sub-continent, that is, from a cultural and historical tradition that is very different from the Arab one.

It is, presumably, not his fault that the remit was phrased in that unsatisfactory way.

It is, indeed, appalling to think that in two world wars people of all religions volunteered to fight for a country they had never seen but was present to them as an idea while their descendants who actually live here, are turning to a completely alien Islamist (I stress that word) tradition because they see nothing for themselves here. What do non-Muslim children see for themselves in Britain?

And that brings us back to the point Sir Keith has made: it is essential for all our children to learn history, to understand how this country came to be, to grasp the ideas that have shaped and continue to shape its descendants, the Anglospheric countries.

Cross-posted from EUReferendum The first rule of public policy ought to be: Do no more harm.

The obvious first step is to stop making the Muslim problem worse by importing more Muslims. "As always, if you pose a question and leave the answer to the government, you end up with a most appalling mess." This may become my quote of the New Year!

Curiously enough this is a subject some of us discussed yesterday with a remarkable man, Sheikh Musa Admani, the Imam at the London Metropolitan University. One is that the Muslims have not gone through the process of being outside main stream society and becoming part of it in the way Jews and Catholics had to.

Sheikh Admani is concerned with many things that can all be summed up in one important question: how to create a British Muslim identity. Then there is a lack of knowledgeable Islamic teaching in this country, a gap that has been successfully exploited by various well-funded organizations with Wahhabi links.

The unique aspect of the British world, or the Anglosphere, or whatever you like to call it, is the enshrining of those values in durable institutions whose very antiquity is part of their legitimacy.

Still, as you say, it might be a bit problematic to take that line when those institutions are being gnawed away by a whole galaxy of interests which are hostile to anything which owes its existence to events pre-1997, pre-WWII, pre-1917 or whatever the case may be.

(Our newspapers and media could do its bit by trying to understand the United States instead of producing endless ignorant calumny.) As always, if you pose a question and leave the answer to the government, you end up with a most appalling mess.

Ideally, of course, the whole system of education would be taken away from it.

They would have to tell that Parliament legislates in only a small proportion of cases in this country; they would have to tell that the House of Lords is no longer the highest appeal court in this country; they would have to explain that our democracy is something of a joke and not because President Bush is such a nasty man.

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