Chat humalition

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Chat humalition - the internet dating exposed

Such is your place in life, to be a nodding, floating, drifting, obedient puppet. And I know you think you’re straight but can you really tell yourself that when you’re pumping it staring at a dick, thinking about it down your fucking throat loser. I’ve got you falling down this dark little rabbit hole. You offer it up to me, and even though you need this money to survive off of, you still can’t control yourself. You’d rather me be happy than you keep your head afloat. You want to give me every last bit you have in your name. You love the female body, the soft skin and curves, the sexy long hair and red lips, but yet you still have these cravings for cock. Go on, stroke it to these hot shemales, your little tranny fantasy. Think about her huge cock in your mouth, think about her forcing you to suck it as she humiliates you.

It has been perfectly produced to achieve maximum brainwashing and mind confusion, and will have mind altering results.

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Cum from your tiny cock, cum for me as I continue to make fun of you.

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Because really you don’t have a choice, you don’t deserve a choice. It melts away just by hearing the sound of my beautiful voice. I know you want to suck cock but it doesn’t seem as bad when it’s attached to a hot girl, does it?

You will be floating in a blissful state of mind rinsing that you so desperately need. You're so fucked, so weak and vulnerable to suggestion. I know you’ve been dabbling with some very naughty thoughts lately.

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It’s just all so confusing when you’re still into hot girls like me, isn’t it? Today you’re going to stroke it to shemales because that’s exactly what you’re into. You get to stroke it to that gorgeous feminine body while you think about sucking that huge dick. But we both know, we know what you crave deep down, bratty dominant women with huge cocks!

And you’re so lucky that you get to see me, to hear me, to worship me. You love stroking it thinking about sucking a cock. And you love fantasizing about getting that asshole of yours fucked. So c’mon faggot, pull out that cock of yours and jerk it to another cock. Take your pick, I won’t let anyone in on your naughty little secret.

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