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My husband was transferred to San Diego to attend school to learn more about his military job.

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Hi, We had been talking about the possibility of cuckolding for several months and frankly thought it would never happen. We had gotten away to the beach for a long weekend at the end of the summer.

Hi, Husband - So last week my wife had found a new male friend for me to watch her spend some time with.

That fell through so she felt bad and talked her bull into having me spend Sunday with them. Like I said, I have not watched for awhile and things have gotten much more intense with them.

Hi, We're back with part 2 - For those who wish to read part 1, you can find it (below). That afternoon, she called me and asked me to meet her in the bar of the hotel that is in the airport terminal.

She wanted me to wait until a half-hour after her plane had landed, and to initially act like I didn't know her.

She's terrified of flying, so to test herself, she insisted on my dropping her off at the airport entrance and going through the check-in and boarding by herself.