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Given its relatively large land space, the town is not as dense as other cities around Malaysia.Due to its proximity to Singapore, it unavoidably suffers from comparison with its neighbour.

North - Its main centre is Taman Johor Jaya, and it can be accessed via the trunk road, Jalan Tebrau.

The cheapest way to get from Johor to Singapore Changi Airport is via Transtar Travel's "cross border" coach service between Changi Airport and Johor Bahru's JB Sentral Bus Terminal.

It is now possible to take a Singapore taxi from the JB Sentral to Changi Airport.

Though appreciably less organised and much more messy compared to the glitz of Singapore, shopping and eating in the city can be a real adventure, with many shopping complexes and a wide variety of food establishments offering budget to fine dining.

Johor Bahru is probably more well known as an industrial city rather than a tourist-friendly town.

Tolls on the Singapore side can only be paid with a Cash Card or Autopass, and on the Malaysian side only with a Touch n Go card. Entering Singapore with a foreign-registered car is more complicated and expensive. In both directions, note that rental cars will frequently ban or charge extra for crossing the border.

JB is at the southern end of the North South Expressway, the toll highway which runs the length of Peninsular Malaysia.Johor Bahru (also Johor Baru or Johore Baharu, but universally called JB) is the state capital of Johor in southern peninsular Malaysia, just across the causeway from Singapore.A bustling city but one with little of interest for the casual tourist, it is a significant regional transport and manufacturing hub.Ask the Causeway Link staff for the bus because it may not park at Platform 2 during peak hours.It costs RM8 (July 2015) and one hour to the airport.Senai International Airport (IATA: JHB), [1], formally Sultan Ismail International Airport (Malay: Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Sultan Ismail), is located about 35 km (via the Skudai Highway) north-northwest of the Causeway.

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