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Canadian restaurants are also embracing all things local.

According to a recent survey from the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association, the locavore movement is not going away, and is still a top trend to watch out for in 2013.

Maple Syrup: What could be more Canadian than syrup that comes from the maple tree, whose iconic leaf has come to symbolize Canada and its national pride?

Quebec is the largest producer of maple syrup in the world, accounting for about 75 to 80 percent of the supply.

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Ketchup Chips: There are some snacks that define a nation, but not many that taste good to only those who live there. The fact they leave our fingers dyed red after we've had a whole bag. friends may go nutty over Doritos, but we love our ketchup chips.

Ketchup has never tasted so salty, non-tomatoey and outright good. Did you know that Lay's dill pickle and Munchies snack mix are also exclusively Canadian?

Still, that doesn't mean we lack imagination, or an endless variety of ingredients. In the 1950s, Quebecers reportedly invented poutine, though even that has been debated.

From Montreal's smoked deli meat to Prince Edward Island's world-famous potatoes, Canadians have a huge choice of local foods to experiment with, and they're often available year-round. Sushi pizza on the other hand, which is popular in Toronto, isn't really "Canadian-made" but has become somewhat of a staple for the city's sushi lovers.

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