Free sex chat site reviews

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Free sex chat site reviews - Chat rooms fee xxx cam4

Not all sites are created equal and no one knows that better than us.We’ve spent more time than we’d like to admit staring at and talking to live performers.

Many of us have been in the online adult industry since the 90’s.Shows featuring high resolution and large screens are now common place.This means the live stream a viewer sees is as good, or possibly better than, recorded videos watched online.This history of the adult cam industry may be surprising to many of you. During this time the vast majority of internet users had dial up connections.The maximum speed during this time was a whopping 56k.Many will not perform an explicit public show unless they’ve received a certain number of tips.

These public performances can have a party like atmosphere and are often quite enjoyable. It more than likely boils down to what type of performance you’re in the mood for.

It just happens to be our job and that’s why we’re always smiling. Read what we say and compare it with everything you see. You’ll see right away that we’re straight forward and honest in our reviews.

Don’t let our easy going ways fool you in the slightest. Remember, we’ve been in this industry for a long time.

This experience gives us a unique window into what a site has to offer.

We try to pass along this information with as little bias as possible. There’s plenty of them and you’ve probably visited a few. You never know, we may stumble across each other in the wonderful world of online cams.

In fact, the viewers were more thrilled than what most are today.