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Young children will enjoy the short stories and colorful pictures.

“Think About The Word,” which simplifies the preceding Psalm passage for easier understanding.The banners are designed to fit a piece of construction paper or a 9 x 12-inch felt piece, but can be enlarged to make larger fabric banners, paper posters, or bulletin boards.The featured banner designs focus on the people, items, or symbols in the Bible.“Pray about the Word” offers a prayer you can read to God.“Use the Word” has lined blank space for you to explain how you can use what you’ve learned in the passage.All the Countries of the World Available from This book is a great new resource to help with Kingdom Praying.

It includes pictures, statistics and the history for all the countries in the world.

And although America is currently experiencing an unprecedented prayer movement, leaders are concerned that the next generation may not inherit this spiritual legacy.

Prayer-Saturated Kids is a vital guide for parents and adults who long to impact their children’s lives on every level.

This will be a great new prayer tool for your kids.

From Akebu to Zapotec: A Book of Bibleless Peoples From This delightful book alphabetically introduces your child to different people groups around the world.

He desires that each child would hear his voice and see his face–even the child in you.