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Israil sex side adult

"[The woman] is made to stand naked in the middle of a room," a female trafficker told Maariv."[The traffickers] touch her breast, her ass….

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Most of the brothel-lined streets are filthy, the buildings run-down.If you want to talk to Nomi Levenkron, be prepared to endanger her life. Nomi’s days are spent crisscrossing the country, encouraging victims to take the stand against their traffickers, lobbying the authorities to take more action, and suing dangerous men for compensation on behalf of the women they brutalized.More than likely she’ll be on the road when you call, pressing her cell phone to her ear as she speeds towards a women’s lock-up in Haifa, or to a Knesset hearing in Jerusalem, or to the trial of a sex trafficker in Eilat. Once, after she filed suit in the case of a young Moldovan who had passed through the hands of six violent traffickers, friends came to Nomi’s home to say goodbye, assuming it was the last time they would see her.She’ll tell you she’s happy to talk but is in a rush. As legal director for the Migrant Worker’s Hotline—an organization that battles the scourge of trafficking in women for prostitution— Nomi’s workday often starts at 5 A. During her first six months on the job, Nomi worked full time without salary. "You don’t really choose this kind of work," she says. When she switches to Hebrew, she seems to forgo drawing breath.Seduced by agents of organized crime, they agree to be smuggled into Israel, hoping to make good money.

The women are usually young girls, like "Anna" (her real name has been suppressed) a 23-year-old Romanian who testified about her experience to an Israeli court in 2002.In the evening, four Bedouin raped me, one after the other….I was bleeding and I couldn’t walk, it hurt me so much between my legs…."Although I had a very hard childhood [in Romania], I’m very grateful for it now," says Nomi.Without Romanian, she would never have gotten involved.There, Yosef took Anna to a hotel, and ordered her to strip in front of a roomful of men.

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