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But, as she pointed out, that broad embrace may have its limits.

If you prefer corresponding via phone, leave your contact number. Love Land had not opened its doors yet, but authorities in the city of Chongqing -- a sprawling metropolis on the banks of the Yangtze River -- got all hot and bothered over the park's plans to display naked human sculptures, giant replica genitals and a photo gallery on the history of sex, the state-run China Daily reported.Lu Xiaoqing, park manager, told the newspaper he got the idea for building Love Land after a visit to a sex park in Jeju, a popular destination in South Korea.But on the other hand, at the exact same moment, we have seen the birth of a common culture that is openly contemptuous of girls and young women." Girls are trained to see themselves as sexual objects, she argues, learn to please men above all else, and are deprived of many of the basic ingredients of a healthy female adolescence -- privacy, daydreams, introspection, visions of romance. Along with dating, and, oddly, diaries (more on that later), Flanagan devotes a whole chapter to proms, citing them as an essential ingredient in today's girl-to-woman journey. My own prom ended in a bit of a melee, thanks to some earnest, junior-class party planner who decided it would be cute to have goldfish bowls on each table -- prom theme: "Under the Sea!" -- and forgot that said tables would be populated with high-school boys.Some thought sex was best left behind closed doors, while others argued that a real need for sex education existed in China. It is not for publicity," said Xia Xueluan, a sociology professor at Beijing University.

With Universal Pictures' adaptation hitting theaters Valentine's Day weekend, retailers are readying for another rush, with some expecting sales may even double.

But that was all before the rise of Caitlin Flanagan: mother, , Flanagan ruminates on the lurid world of today's adolescent girls, which, she argues, is often nasty, brutish and strewn with land mines.

"In the space of a few short decades," she writes, "the entire landscape of what is possible for a girl has changed dramatically.

The more fortunate fish ended up wiggling down girls' dresses, or perhaps soaring above the dance floor to their doom, a sorrowful, bug-eyed flight, their last living moments choreographed to "Lady in Red." The less fortunate met a more grisly end, dangled above an oh-so-romantic "Under the Sea! But proms of 2012, apparently, are a different ball of melted-goldfish wax.

Today, "Girl Land" reports, proms are made up of two parts: a formal, adult-monitored dance; then an unsupervised, liquor-soaked after-party that would make Ozzy Osbourne, bat-biter extraordinaire, shamble over to a corner and shrink into a fetal position.

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    Her roles these days tend to be of Maverick older woman, who do things “Their Way”, very much like her popular M in the James Bond film series.

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    Prior to this, Jordan was most recognized for her role as Lizzie Mc Donald in the children's television series, Life With Derek, where she shares in a Young Artist Award for "Best Young Ensemble." Her co-stars included Michael Seater, Joy Tanner and John Ralston.

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