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If I do take her home, I try to make sure I get just as much out of it as she does.

There are genuine health benefits to be garnered after all. Thanks to everyone who responded to the announcement with rousing enthusiasm as well as comments and questions.Although we might honor the evolutionary imperative behind our primal appetites with eventual procreation, we’re not beholden to the natural odds with every tryst.Olympia contest, "we had girls backstage giving head, then all of us went out and I won.It didn't bother me at all; in fact, I went out there feeling like King Kong," added Schwarzenegger.Today I’m after those copious “ancillary” benefits of bonk – the gratifying (albeit overshadowed) enhancements to our physical and mental health that come from the physical exertion itself as well as the biochemical cascade of everything from estrogen to testosterone, prolactin to oxytocin to beta-endorphins.

Before we proceed, let me offer the expected and requisite Primal caveat: I’m talking here about safe sex ideally with a committed partner.

You can't make it bigger through exercise, that's for sure." He added that "women have told me they're curious about its size--you know, outgoing chicks who're just trying to be outrageous or horny.

I hear all kind of lines, including 'Oh, you're hurting me; you're so big.' But it means nothing.

But he got hold of tamoxifen, which is used to treat breast cancer, and ‘that sorted it out’.

Fitness fanatic Oli Cooney had been told by doctors when he was 18 that he was putting his life at risk if he did not limit his weightlifting but he refused to listen - and told family he was ‘invincible’.

" Schwarzenegger replied, "Well, that depends on what you mean by disproportionate.

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