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Gallop is keen to challenge the repression and double standards which permeate modern society, where the majority of people refuse to talk openly and honestly about sex, while watching porn in private.

For some though, the fakery is all just part of the fun.Gallop heralds from what you might call the “different strokes” school of sex.Her concerns come not from a place of judgement but rather a sense of duty.So is porn harmless fun and pointless pretence, or something more damaging?As a clear and immediate answer was not forthcoming, I did what I always do with tricky questions, and turned to Twitter for help.Gail Dines, often described as the world’s leading anti-pornography campaigner, pinpoints the depiction of women as her primary beef with pornography, citing now-ubiquitous trends such as the Brazilian and Hollywood wax to illustrate the extent to which porn has become normalised.

“Woman today are internalising porn ideology, an ideology that often masquerades as advice on how to be hot, rebellious and cool in order to attract a man,” she says.

They first raised their heads mid-tryst, when her younger partner broke out what she has since nicknamed “the porn moves”.

In the pillow talk that followed, Gallop casually remarked that she hadn’t reached orgasm. “I thought, in that moment, that I have an opportunity,” she told me when we sat down to discuss her start-up. Not just to me, but to him, and to every other woman he would go on to sleep with after me.” The fact that porn had led her partner to believe he could get a woman to come simply by mirroring what he had seen in online videos struck Gallop as preposterous.

Gallop’s new venture, Make Love Not, is currently undergoing beta testing, but more on that in a moment.

First, a trip back in time, to TED in 2009, where the website Make Love Not made its official debut.

“My background is in brand building and advertising, so it seemed only natural to embed Make Love Not Porn in pop culture.