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Scammers will sometimes have their scammy girlfriends do the phone call or skype talking. The ones that try to imitate female voices usually fail at it miserably. Thanks for taking the time to post your scammer to help other victims of this one, waynec.

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Our goal is simple: we want to keep you abreast of the current surf and conditions and help you figure out what, when and where to surf via our Ghana surf reports, our surf cams and our Ghana surf report travel information.did these girls say that theyre living with their mum in Ghana because their dad passed away?I've talked to 3 women like this who have had the same story.Hello, My name is Wayne, I signed up to skype for business purposes.I got a call from a girl named amanda osei, who claimed she lived in kumasi Ghana and wanted to chat on skype then yahoo!offers the world's most reliable Ghana surf reports with a surf report model and surf cam network that gives the surfer a precise reading on what the waves are doing at the best Ghana surf spots.

Each Ghana surf report page features detailed Ghana tide charts, surf wind data, water temperatures, dependable LOLA surf models and more -- whatever it takes to describe exactly what the surf and conditions are like in Ghana right now is what we provide in our surf reports.

All the time telling me she was in love and said I was the guy for her for life!

She was even on webcam doing a sexy dance for me and I was convinced she was real. I later figured out this was a scam and amanda didn't exist, even webcam sessions were just stolen video's and that I was talking to some guy scammer!

I was in doubt about this girl the whole time,but he was very good at chatting and talking like a girl!

I have since had 5 or 6 contacts on skype, claiming to be young women with problems and needed money!

if you want to find out these check the origins of the names they give to you to send money to, and trace the originality of the name which people uses those names, you will end up in a tribe in Nigeria, alot of people have tried this and haave come to realise this that they are nigerian community in Ghana I use a popular dating service. about three quarters of the girls with profiles that say they are in NY finally say they are in Ghana.