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So it is a new year and your kids and teens have their new shiny Apple mobile devices.Maybe it’s a new i Pod touch for the young ones, a fancy new i Pad Mini, or the ultra-hot i Phone 6S Plus!

We offer this only as a free benefit to our readers so don’t blame the messenger if it does not work for you!We have premium features that can make keeping your kids safe on Apple Mobile Devices easier with less stress.Sexting is the sending of nude or suggestive photographs by text message, and, when teenagers do it, it can be illegal.Regardless, every new toy brings its set of challenges for parents.One of the most favorite features is of course, Apple’s proprietary texting tool i Message – as parents we want to know our kid’s are using this service safely.First we suggest that you have a conversation with your kids and teens to set the ground rules, expectations, and consequences.

Studies have shown that being up front typically ends up being more productive than to spy clandestinely.Also, when you enable this, each phone will initially get a push notification from Apple letting you know which device is using which phone number or email so make sure you wait for that and clear it before handing back to your child. There are bugs and it does take some care and feeding to get it right.Between i OS 7 – 9.x, there are nuances and the combination of different devices and i Cloud settings also impact the viability of this “hack”.Pennsylvania lawmakers have enacted a specific law that makes teen sexting a crime, but a less serious one than child pornography.However, depending on the circumstances, teen sexting could also be considered child pornography or obscenity.We hope this will allow you to have some additional oversight.