No upgrade needed chat room

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No upgrade needed chat room

Text may be sent to others to view in the public text display or in private chat messaging. Therefore, if you wish to have a chat room for two different websites we recommend that you register separate member profiles for each embed code you wish to use on your websites. You may changed the guest name to any name you choose and then completed the required information and click the guest login button to complete the guest access login process.

You may access more feature to interact with the viewed person by clicking the drop down toggle.Once you purchase the Storage Area upgrade, you will find Greywyn's Poison Supply hidden in the back of this room.This is a chest filled initially with a dozen or more poisons of various useful varieties.If you have logged into the chat using a member guest access you may login to the chat with a previously created chat profile by clicking the "Login!" option found at the top of the userlist at the right side of the chat.This box, and the dagger, are present when you first enter Deepscorn Hollow.

Immediately to your left when entering the first room is the storage area.

You will need to enter your member profile registered email and password and click the profile login button to complete the member profile login process.

If you wish to view a cam of a person broadcasting click a person listed in the userlist which has a cam icon next to their profile name.

The room host may view any cam from persons participating in the chat room.

However, the room participants may only view the room host cam broadcast.

As a result, if you start the Vampire Cure quest and then cure yourself using the Font of Renewal you will be unable to continue the quest and it will remain in your journal forever.