Philippines fuck chat

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Philippines fuck chat

When Karen mentioned she intended to leave the company once and for all, we decided not to fight her.Instead, we offered her an alternative that we considered more than fair.

She was one of the only agents on a salary and was paid significantly more than the rest of the staff (nearly five times what the entry-level agent was paid).While she was an incorporator with our company, she was also the first person we were in contact with here.She held the most senior position in our company and effectively ran everything. A few years ago, an ex-manager from our company in the Philippines sued us for 1,800,000 pesos (over K USD).The series of events dragged out over the course of several years. We didn’t set out with much of a plan to start a full-on company in the Philippines.We’d worked with a Virtual Assistant (VA) named Karen (not her real name) from Davao City in our mortgage company and had some success.

A few years later, while working for a local SEO company, we again found ourselves in need of some VA’s and reached out to Karen to see if she’d be willing to help out again.

A couple of months after agreeing to the offer, we ended up with paperwork showing Karen had filed a complaint and suit via the Department Of Labor and Employment (DOLE) here in the Philippines.

As it turns out, this is fairly common and the law is fairly protective of employees—usually to protect against abusive companies and unfair employee termination.

The meeting with Karen and the staff went well and all seemed to be in order.

About a year later, Joe made the move out to the Philippines to oversee the company directly and to work closer with Karen and the rest of the staff.

Instead, Joe was there with the paperwork and to see if they could have a conversation.

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