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They had at this point been staring at me so long that their bodies had melted away, and they were nothing but lidless eyeballs protruding from bodies of smoke.

I let people think of me that way — it lets people talk, and few people in the Arab world can talk about sex freely. A student filmmaker in Egypt did a fantastic film called Libido about men’s confusion about sex in a society that won’t deal with the issues.

It’s face forward about porn, masturbation, and the fact that people get their sexual education from internet videos. In the meantime, on every TV in every cafe I saw in Tunisia, women were hyper-sexualized, images as vivid and lithe as Lady Gaga videos but without the critique.

The men didn’t talk to me about sex at all, other than occasionally offering it, offers I don’t believe were sincere. They are, however, rarely comfortable with the idea of women being as free as they are.

It’s dangerous somehow, nothing anyone can put their finger on.

- Chat anonymously with no video in the "text" mode.

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