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The woman reading this statement, also from the local Aboriginal community, had two support workers and one friend. How the discovery of a human skeleton, found in the sand dunes by a local surfer, brought him to Sandon Point.

And was there resistance in the Land Council to him resigning as Chair? 'Bronwyn Adcock: For some in the community, Dootch's crimes and the topic of child abuse are proving too difficult to confront.Bronwyn Adcock: The woman only reported the abuse to police several years ago.She says when her children found out who their father was, they became estranged from her, and one started to self-harm.I feel like I am deserving of violence and my relationships with men have been full of violence and abuse.Bronwyn Adcock: As Dootch Kennedy listened to this statement, he was supported by a group of around 15. Roy 'Dootch' Kennedy: Yeah, but if I tell you I'll have to kill you. Bronwyn Adcock: Dootch told this story in a Radio National documentary in 2009.Joyce Donovan: I strongly believe it's all about keeping things, sweeping it under the carpet.

Bronwyn Adcock: Despite a backdrop of intimidation and vilification, a few brave Aboriginal women from the Illawarra are refusing to remain silent.

Because she's a victim of sexual assault, we can't identify her, and we've used an actor to read her statement. I struggle to live every day without feeling very anxious and lost.

I think I feel this way because I have lost so much in my life.

Veronica Bird: We wanted to come together to show support for all women who have been victims of abuse, sexual abuse, and in particular child sexual abuse.

And today was a significant decision in relation to bringing someone to justice who was a leader within this community and abused that leadership in relation to not only his young victim, but the community as a whole.

When people ask me if I want to use Aboriginal services I shy away because of the shame. Roy 'Dootch' Kennedy: This person, he is the judge, he is the jury, and he is the executioner, and he has amazing powers.

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