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You can watch every single pizza being made and dough being tossed around, or you can hang out watching TV and drink a local craft beer or glass of wine with your slice.On one evening rendezvous, I tried some slices of cheese pizza.

Next to this photo–in addition to the usual diamond ads including one that read, "Drop Dead Gorgeous"–there was also an ad for Positive Changes Hypnosis.

According to the state media outlet, the men were arrested during a raid on an apartment in Cairo.

But, for the most part, it’s been Wednesday night leave-your-socks-on Business Time.

They were just alright, yet not at all greasy (which was fantastic, and I appreciated not needing to hose the kids down after dinner).

The kids were eating their slices, while the whole Margherita pizza I ordered to take home was baking.

Uncle’s Pizzeria is just that – pretty good, with a couple of impressive sexy moves.

Uncle’s Pizzeria is a family-owned business that started when the affair with pizza and baking created the love-child that is this pizzeria.

An article on the bird flu explained that it had just spread to Romania, threatening a worldwide pandemic.

Directly beneath this article was a pouting model, the picture of insouciance, posing in a leopard-skinned hat and full-length fur that was 30 percent off!

currently reports an 84 percent increase in sales from 2004. O’Neill says that the chain has almost run out of this year’s FBI Girl, a tight-fitting, black vinyl suit that would have made J. Edgar Hoover–on one of his many cross-dressing days. 31, America is rallying to the mask like never before. The urge to "forget all your troubles, c’mon get happy" was especially prevalent in the Depression, when America escaped to the movies.

The top costumes include hot witches, hotter vampires and monsters dripping with blood and gore. What’s behind the mania for adults, especially women, to pull on other threads? Whether the role is soccer mom, corporate she-devil, Saturday night hottie or church lady, women know how to dress for the play, replete with appropriate make-up, hair and accessories. (I, for one, keep fantasizing about that FBI Girl outfit.) Why? Between weather disasters, cancers and wars, there’s enough woe out there to make us want to stick our respective heads into a trick-or-treat bag. People with no money, jobs or food somehow managed to rustle up a few pennies to sit in the dark, their psyches enveloped and nourished by celluloid. Charlize Theron and her very own "Monster." Like tricking and treating, they go together.

Far from walking wardrobe malfunctions, we’re smart. By hiding away from our troubles for even just a day, maybe those troubles will take a little trip. Escapism has been around as long as there was a lion, a Christian and a coliseum . Most popular was the Busby Berkeley musical, where gorgeous chorines danced across the screen to tuneful melodies, their bodies transformed into virtual kaleidoscopes of color and light. A study of the recent front page sections of Sunday’s national newspapers finds the same frightful pairing.