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I did about 500 double takes while processing that one.”----“I worked at a CVS photolab like, 14 years ago.

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That was fun explaining why we couldn't sell them the pictures.”----“During my time in a Walgreens Photo Lab years ago, the funniest thing I recall seeing was a roll of film from a party.All of them were a close up of his junk, with a giant key chain (think janitors keys) tied to a rope hanging off his penis.All of the pictures were of him swinging it around like he was trying to make his d*ck a clock.”----"My favorites was this couple in their 50s and they always brought in pictures of themselves having sex while smoking crack."----"Did 1 hr photo at a drug store.Weirdest roll: 9 shots of Christmas with the family, 5 shots of two girls shaving each others public hair in a bathtub, then the rest of the roll was back to Christmas with the family."----“A 360 degree view of a naked girl on her knees.It was relatively softcore, but I thought it was so odd that the dude had shot 24 photos in a circle around her."Also! The party went sound, people were covered in vomit, there were strippers.Oh, so much genitalia...“Many years ago I worked the night photolab shift at a Walgreens.

I saw more than my fair share of sex, boobs and general things you would expect someone to bring in at 2am to be ran."But the most memorable was a guy that worked at a local strip club.

I went and looked at it and it had some instructions on how to troll Walmart by submitting fake orders.

The worst part was it didn't say to whatever walmart you felt like submitting to, it said to submit specifically to the one where I worked.

Handing over your personal photos to a stranger behind a counter is an inherently strange and invasive thing, so much so that it became the subject of a film starring Robin Williams in 2002.

If you’d always wandered how closely developers at supermarkets/printing shops etc inspect your snaps in the dark room, and what kind of exhibitionists choose this method over home printing, then an Ask Reddit this week might interest you.

I had a little old lady come in one day to print out some pictures.