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Sites for free random cmumbai sex wep

The objectives were to study the sociodemographic status, high-risk behavior among construction workers and to suggest recommendations.It was cross-sectional observational study done over the duration of 2 years in F south ward area of Mumbai city.

Statistical Analysis Used: Descriptive statistics for sociodemographic factors and morbidity; cross-tabulation and test of significance to find association between different variables were used. One-third married workers were living with their spouses.Migrant A person who is living in the Mumbai city of which he or she is not a native.Commercial sex worker The person who offers sexual intercourse or gratification especially for money.Total 296 construction workers were enrolled in the study.The mean age of 296 workers was 28.67 years with standard deviation (SD) of ±5.685.Most of the workers, that is, 35.48% belong to 28-32 years of age group [Table 1].

Two 32 (78.38%) construction workers had come to Mumbai from different parts of the country, and they were in-migrants.Context: Recent industrialization and globalization are changing the Indian occupational morbidity drastically.This trend leads to many workers being exposed to high-risk social, sexual lifestyle and unhealthy environmental conditions, which have a deleterious effect on their health.Aims: To study the sociodemographic status, high-risk behavior among construction workers and to suggest recommendations.Settings and Design: This was a cross-sectional study carried out over a period of 2 years on 296 male construction workers at randomly selected 10 construction sites of Mumbai city.J HIV Hum Reprod [serial online] 2014 [cited 2017 Jan 29];-9. 2014/2/2/45/159966 Construction workers hold a unique place in the labor sector due to their unique life-style including high risk behavior due to their work conditions which have made them suffer various morbidities having an effect over their family too.

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