What are some taboo chat rooms

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What are some taboo chat rooms - register for ecuador dating

ALL of the chat-rooms are frequented by perverts; there is no difference; no matter the age group, the location or the language, all of them are bothered by these "sickos." For this reason alone it is best to avoid chat-rooms completely.It is impossible to have any kind of discussion; it just does not work. Those who have a brain and a sense of decency are in the minority.

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I did not think that was possible so I copied and pasted both of them into Notepad.Everything you typed is then "Written in Stone." And if you are "camming" with somebody so they can see you, they CAN TAKE YOUR PICTURE!! You really do not know WHO you are chatting with; it could be your business associate, your wife, your mother, your son/daughter.... AND there are the "bots." These are computers programs which "pretend" to be people visiting the chat-rooms and use that means to advertise the pornography they are peddling.About all these Vo IP tools are good for, IMHO, is to have "private chats" with friends or family.It has, like Yahoo, many chat-rooms which you can visit.I rarely make any comments in the rooms but while having lunch or watching TV, I let Eyeball run most of the day on another computer and occasionally take a look at the chatter.Do they simply assume that none of this could ever be held against them?

Any and all of the chat that they type can be saved by anyone else and sent by email to other people. Do they not realize that their (typed) comments may well be under discussion at the very same time in "Private Messages" with others laughing at them?One more tip; a lot of people in these rooms are pathological liars. On TV recently I saw a documentary about a gentleman who met a lady in a chatroom. She cleaned him out, financially and then was busy poisoning him.They change their "Nick Name" or "nic" and come in with a new name pretending to be somebody different. Fortunately his son got suspicious and lowered the boom.For example, "will" and "wi II" can look identical depending on the font being used.And hey, DO NOT take any of the chatter seriously!!UNFORTUNATELY, a lot of perverts come with the most crude comments imaginable.