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WASHINGTON -- As the Donald Trump transition team labors in secret toward creating the next national administration, the news media are groping (if you'll pardon the expression) to find out who the president-elect will be relying on to run domestic and foreign policy for the next four years.His selection of Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus to be his White House chief of staff tells us only that his choice will continue to be chief enabler, as he was in the campaign.

In this year of the outsider candidate, the journalism corps itself has largely been on the outside looking in, except at Trump rallies. He loved to point them out as scribbling lies about him in their little notebooks, inspiring catcalls from the assembled Wallace faithful.Stephen Burt’s second collection of poems, Parallel Play, describes lovers, friends, travelers, and revelers attempting lives dependent on each other but still pulled inevitably into preoccupations of their own self-awareness.When there are many obstacles–overeducation, narcissism, extended adolescence, nomadic existence–how can Americans crawl out of the nursery and co-exist if they increasingly have to learn to do so as adults?It's been suggested, however, that Bannon has now counseled Trump to slow down on his use of Twitter as a prime vehicle of his personal vehemence.The president-elect has indicated he may try, while praising the social-media chatterbox as a great technological advance in communications.There, the candidate often used reporters as targets in much the way a previous presidential candidate, the late Alabama Gov. A major difference now is the engagement of the phenomenon of social media.

It has flooded the Internet with information of dubious reliability and become a competitor to print, radio and television political reporting.It swerved to the right, it swerved to the left, but Victor swerved with it accommodatingly.Henrietta scrouged down at my feet, and I fearingly, but accommodatingly, accepted the other admin | Jan 5, 2014 | Reviewed | The last New York Times Book Review of 2013 included a rather nice review of Belmont from Major Jackson along with Jackson’s coverage of Kwame Dawes, Mei-Mei Bersenbrugge and Averill Curdy: “This prodigiously gifted critic… by suggesting the way out of malaise is to celebrate residents’ liberating desires and obsessions, not least admin | Aug 7, 2013 | Reviewed | “Burt’s ability to shift between various speakers proves especially remarkable as the book unfolds.Secretary of state is regarded as the most critical Cabinet post, and the fact Trump has absolutely no foreign policy or diplomatic experience, and demonstrated a turbulent temperament during the campaign, has raised particular apprehension in and out of government circles.

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