Accomodating the needs of

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We like to thank everybody for their support over the years, it has been great to be involved in the project.If you are in touch with a landlord we advise you to finish your negotiations.

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LGL is keeping in touch with the partners and looking forward towards the implementation of the second half of the project, during which an international and national team of experts will work on the methodology on which the competences raising training for the law enforcement professionals will be based.

If you are still looking, please enroll into other sites also!

The site will be online at least until the end of Januari, after that there is no telling when it will go down.

A country specific toolkit together with a universal toolkit (applicable in other EU countries) will be developed in cooperation with the experts and law-enforcement practitioners.

Both will be done to increase the level of competence (knowledge, skills and positive attitudes) towards sexual orientation and gender identity motivated hate crimes.

Naturally, our country officials and authorities are not alone in work of such great significance – various human rights and victim support organizations are there to help them in this journey.

As a pioneer of work on homophobic and transphobic hate crime topic the National LGBT* rights organization LGL is ready to put a lot of work to achieve the standards of the Directive to let them become reality for the LGBT* victims who suffered from hate crime.The project „Accommodating the needs of the victims of homophobic and transphobic hate crimes – raising the competences of law-enforcement institutions”, implemented together with partners from Croatia, Latvia, Poland and Hungary and funded by the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme of the European Commission, is one of a few projects focussing on hate crime that are currently being implemented on behalf of LGL.The project was aimed at diagnosing specific needs of the victims of hate crime in the light of the Victims Rights Directive and ensuring their proper and respectful treatment by law-enforcement officials.Another great thing to look forward is a flash-mob action – dedicated to promote the project itself and the project message – which will take place during the international Baltic Pride 2016 festival’s March for Equality, on 18th June, in Vilnius, when hundreds of yellow balloons with the “Hate No More” message and the project logo will be let fly in the sky while thousands of LGBT* people and allies will be watching.On the final stage of the project LGL together with project partners prepared a special methodology for the training for the law enforcement professionals.To be specific, a Benchmark report was produced in each project country, with the goal of evaluating whether the national legal systems guarantee the rights of all victims of crimes that are established in the Directive.

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