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Joe: Except for Hemsworth -- the new Paul Walker – from whom I expected nothing. It’s like the movie was written by a high school jock about his relationship with the nerd who did homework for the entire team.

FBI Agent Gamble interrogates Adam, revealing that three other employees of Wyatt who transferred to Goddard's company were found dead, but Adam ignores him.The film was released on August 16, 2013, and grossed .8 million.It was described as "clichéd and unoriginal" on Rotten Tomatoes, where it has a 6% approval rating.In this movie, when it’s Dreyfuss’ turn to speak up, he fails to deliver anything meaningful. Sarah: Harrison Ford gave the strongest performance, while Gary Oldman got tied up with an unfortunate accent and Emma Caulfield was wasted in a role that hinted at Machiavellian intelligence but petered out prematurely. Joe: The fact that Adam’s “revolutionary” idea is pretty stupid. Joe: How Hemsworth’s character has to “pretend” to be skilled at playing a rich, arrogant douchebag when his actions throughout show that’s who he actually is. It believes that a handsome kid with drive but no discernible talent automatically deserves success.Expectations are high with a cast like this, and the movie didn’t even come close to meeting them. I expected a huge plot twist from Caulfield’s character and was dismayed when she was essentially given the vaudevillian “pulled offstage by a cane” treatment. Joe: Why are Adam and his dad watching a Little League game when they don’t know anyone playing in it? Sarah: How I could never figure out if Adam was the smartest guy in the room or the dumbest. The real genius in the film isn’t Adam but his virginal geek friend, but the movie argues that it’s in the geek’s best interest to supply Adam with all the answers rather than to stand up for himself.Wyatt and his enforcer, Miles Meachum, blackmail Adam into becoming a corporate spy for Wyatt by threatening to have him arrested for fraud.

Adam is trained by Judith Bolton and infiltrates a company run by Wyatt's former mentor, Jock Goddard.

The b-side is the band's cover of Television's "Days".

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Synopsis: Adam Cassidy (Liam Hemsworth) is tired of toiling away unnoticed while corporate fat cats rake in all the dough. Sarah: No, because any time the lead couple was on-screen, time seemed to move backward.

After making a bad choice one night, he is caught up in a world of blackmail and corporate espionage. The early stages of a relationship should be exciting.

Hemsworth and Heard are pretty, but nothing about their pairing was exciting. Joe: They probably wanted to work with Robert Luketic – he directed Sarah: Somehow, I’m not sure that’s it. Joe: It was weird, because he played the role without any intelligence or gravitas, which is the only thing this part calls for.

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