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Vittatoe responded that this was sexual harassment and that it was his duty as a supervisor to report it.

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Watson told Knox that she had to report Stewart's actions.The Pendleton Chamber of Commerce serves its members by promoting and enhancing commerce and tourism for the prosperity of the region and its citizens.The Chamber is dedicated to: You are invited to join over 450 other businesses and individuals that make up the Pendleton Chamber and enjoy all the benefits of membership while knowing that in addition to growing your business, you are making a difference for your community! It was then that she first encountered Captain Robert Stewart. We refer to her here as Knox, in keeping with the name she has used in this court.) Some time around October of 1990, she changed to the first shift because of the more reasonable hours.Second Priority – All other active duty and retirees: Reservations may be made 10 weeks in advance.

Third Priority – all other authorized patrons may make reservations 9 weeks in advance Active duty military unit family days have priority over non-military unit functions (i.e..

Lake O’Neill Recreational Park at Camp Pendleton offers fishing, hiking, watercrafts, rowboats, RV and tent camping, cabanas, playgrounds (includes ADA playground), basketball, softball, ADA miniature golf and a peninsula for group activities.

For a complete list of prices and services, see the current facility price list. The lake is stocked and bait is sold at the Lake O’Neill Recreation Office, Bldg 26080.

Subjected to blatant sexual harassment on the job, she brought this case under Title VII, 42 U. Bearing in mind the deference we owe to a jury verdict, we conclude that all three verdicts were sufficiently supported by the evidence, and that the instructions adequately stated the governing law.

Kristi Knox is employed as a correctional officer at the Correctional Industrial Complex (CIC) in Pendleton, Indiana. The State appealed and Knox cross-appealed, both claiming that the jury instructions on the claims they lost were flawed, and both claiming that the evidence did not support the jury verdicts adverse to them.

On one occasion, when Knox turned him down (because she was involved with another man who she eventually married), Stewart responded, “Well, then, we can just maybe have sex.” After Knox again rejected him, Stewart replied that he “definitely saw a shift change in [her] future.” Knox was frightened, because she needed her job and Stewart was in a position to recommend, and perhaps effect, such a change.

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