American woman dating persian men

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American woman dating persian men - Sex chat messages in english

so just helping you gals out.148857691 #18177By Zahra on Monday, May 29, 2006 - am Sad to say that in This Day, there is still such a broad populis of people in the World , who have yet to come to grips on the incidental incidence of Racism. If dealing with two adults who happen incidentally to come from different backgrounds and or cultures choose to marry? My male Iranian friend is married to a Black woman and their children speak both Farsi and English.It is shameful and to me illiterate for anyone not to appreciate the diversity that exist on the planet today. One of my female Iranian friends is married to a Black man and her family adores him. From what I'm told from all three of them and other Middle Eastern friends is that what you see on television about their culture is a bunch of b.s.

It is also the reason that even in homes, men and women have separate living quarters and even for social gatherings men and women are in separate rooms.So if you havn't been introduced to family, there is porbably a reason for it. 171903941 #19261By anonymous on Tuesday, February 20, 2007 - am Ashley - you were right in questioning the behavior of your former "boyfriend" - but you need to know he was not wrong/lying as you think.What he did not have the courage to tell you or perhaps felt embarrassed to say was - it is 100% FORBIDDEN in Islam for a boy and girl to "date" unchaperoned, as common in western society.In Islam the burden of offense for a guy not being able to control himself is on the woman.Another saying states that whenever a woman goes outside the home, Satan goes with her (from this Islamic law assumes her actions outside the home can not be trusted if she is not supervised).However, my other Persian female friend is dating a Black guy and only her mother knows. That traditions for them are not practiced here in the U. Pakistani and Indians families (from what I witnessed) are hard up on following traditions.154355549 #18486By naiviv on Monday, July 31, 2006 - pm I am a African American women living in the states, my boyfriend who is Iranian lives in the UK...

we purely met by accident on chat, and enjoyed a wonderful friendship for 10 months before we decided to try dating...From these various surah and hadith Islam developed strict laws called 'purdah' that women are especially required to follow - ie covering her face and various body parts so not as to 'tempt' or lure men beyond his ability to control himself.So because of this, even when a young man and woman are "dating" they are to be chaperoned by family members - to ensure they can not be tempted, well really, that the girls body and behavior will be restrained enough so the guy will be able to control himself.i've learned this being a pakistani woman engaged to a iranian man. I hope to Savor the Pleasant Day whereas I get to inter-twine with That One of Asian Race or Spanish Creed. Black Female Dreaming-----------------149397945 #18185By Anonymous on Sunday, June 04, 2006 - pm anonymous..with the iranian husband shut up.wicked get over yourself..this is what i would tell my kids if they werent persian, but they are going to be. This is such a Blessing little does one seem to know or understand. as much as you would like to think you are..not better than anyone if it gives you a high to think your better than black people then you are just fooling yourself Zahra tell me ur not black asian and spanish race are the most hatred racist people on earth i know that we all want to believe that one day we will get along and love each other but ill tell you this truthfully the only place the ASIAN man, SPANISH see you is their SLAVE you can love people.dont be a fool im guessing your muslim...i know it is hard to be a black muslim woman but remember who you are, dont let them strip your identity they tell you to forget that you black and that your only a muslim the same muslims who would kill you for marrying their daughters and sons then all of a sudden they rememeber their nationality the world is full of will never change it takes courage to love your enemies but like i said, dont be a fool or you will fall into their trap149566020 #18191By FFT on Tuesday, June 06, 2006 - am I'm an African American woman with three friends that are Iranian.All this seems strange to us in the west - because we realize if God made each person equal then both the male and female have equal ability and responsibility to control themselves. That said, many Iranians consider themself 'secular' altogether or progressive muslims and many of them moved to the west since the 1970s exactly to get away from these strict laws they dont agree with that were imposed after the shah was taken from power and islamic rulers took over the government.