Ballet dancer dating

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Enjoy Henrik: I’m together with my lovely girlfriend for 6 years, who is also a professional dancer.

And then, of course, there's the attractiveness factor."I mean, you're surrounded by beautiful people every day," says principal dancer Chase Finlay. you know, why not, let's date."We love the inside look at these dancers' real lives, and hope there's a follow-up featuring the gay relationships at the company too.

When you work together and see each other all the time, the time spent together after work could get a bit boring and routine. It can be nice to talk to someone about ballet who understands the art form, but spending time with someone who doesn’t know anything about your job and is willing to learn about it can be even more interesting.

Of course you can’t just say, “I had the hardest class today.

Well, it made quite the fuzz when I published it – it seems, dancers romantic lives are something you are all quite interested in, aren’t you?! What a person do for a living is not necessarily defining that person in general, but with dancers, it tends to give you quite a hint – we take our job very seriously, and it does take up most of our time.

You gossipy little bunch But it’s true, dancers romantic lives are somewhat different from “civil people’s,” as I mentioned in the How-to-date-a-dancer post (which wasn’t really a good list on how to date a dancer, sorry ’bout that. As a natural consequence, lots of dancers seems to be dating other dancers.

Here comes the part you have all been waiting for, dear readers. Rebecca and I sat down and summarized a couple of typical situations: R: Be prepared to attend numerous parties; not only galas post-performances, but also dancer get-togethers. Actually, I think one of the things you need to do if you want to date a dancer for any longer period, is to start to care about dance.

Dancers can form a pretty crazy and unique crowd: after-all, we are artists. You don’t need to be as crazy about it as your partner, but be prepared to talk about dance from time to time! I think Victoria Beckham cares just a little bit about soccer, Tiger Woods wife probably knows the basics of golf, and we know Hillary Clinton’s husband also is just a tad interested in politics.. Don’t forget to like Tights and Tiaras on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

As for the ladies, about 70% of those in a relationship are together with outsiders.

Being a dancer together with another dancer, I can definitely sign off your statement about being surrounded by lovely ballerinas – it’s hard not to fall for any of them So what’s the conclusion?

R: Dancers always end up spending their time with other dancers.

I guess there is just something about the comfort of something familiar and people who really understand you, and are kind of “crazy” in the same way.

And we're not embarrassed to admit it — we were waiting for executive producer's Sarah Jessica Parker's "I couldn't help but wonder ..." to really set the "how love works" scene.

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