Bind dynamic updating zone records

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Bind dynamic updating zone records - Hacked adult webcams

Since the updates take affect immediately on the DNS server, anti-spam and anti-virus databases can effectively be made real-time.

The first step is to create a convenience script for performing regular DNS updates, using the private key you just generated.For more imaginative folks, nsupdate facilitates a great many automated DNS services one can devise.For example, if you wish to fight spam by running your own DNS "blackhole list" (blacklist), nsupdate makes it trivial to automate updates.The send line directs nsupdate to send flush all updates listed in the file to the nameserver.The final step is to execute the script, passing the text file you just created (in this example) to the update script: That's it!This article describes how to setup dynamic DNS, and provides some examples of use.

For Fedora Core (and Red Hat) users, you will need to install both the bind (for dnssec-keygen) and bind-utils (for nsupdate) packages.

Setup is quick and painless, and use is fairly intuitive for anyone remotely familiar with DNS, and skilled enough to admin their own Linux system. This key is created by running the dnssec-keygen utility.

For single users generating a key, you provide your email address and hash algorithm details as input, and dnssec-keygen generates two keys, a public key and a private key. The filename with the ".key" suffix is the public key, and the file with ".private" suffix is, you guessed it, the private key.

If you plan to configure a DNS server, also read the companion article on configuring your server.

My home network is the same as millions of other Internet users: dynamic IP obtained from my ISP via DHCP.

hostname 60 IN A .13 ### ### Local settings, must be changed KEY="/etc/Kkey-test.

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