Bothering or intimidating weaker people

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Bothering or intimidating weaker people - sim dating games for boys

I’d still suggest you pick up the phone if you have more than a couple paragraphs to communicate – it’s usually a lot faster.

Also, when I answer the phone and someone offers up the verbal equivalent of the above paragraph, I know it’s best to get off the phone ASAP.

Plainly state the purpose of your communication in the first sentence. Let the other person know the context for the rest of your message.

If you really don’t care to connect on the basis of friendship, then don’t act like you do. You’re better off sending an android-like email and cutting out the fluff. More than two paragraphs is usually overkill when you’re trying to solicit business.

If you have to apologize for bothering someone, maybe you shouldn’t be contacting them at all… Never ever begin your emails with a paragraph like this: I know you get a lot of emails, but I just had to send you this message.

If you hint that you’re about to irritate or annoy someone, they’ll assume you’re right. You might think that you’re just being polite and respectful. Or would it be more accurate to say that deep down, you don’t feel equal to the person you’re contacting? If you’re going to approach a busy person, do so as an equal. If you conclude that making friends isn’t right for you, and you opt to communicate some kind of offer straightaway, then do your best to be concise and direct.

People send me wall-of-text emails every week, but I stopped reading such messages a long time ago. I’d be afraid to reply to them for fear of receiving another wall of text in response.

If you already have a close relationship with someone, a wall of text is questionable but ok I suppose.Sometimes, they simply are void of such skills or their title has clouded their behavior. If someone reaches out to meet me, I will respond, but if the person has been unclear about the reason to meet, or it is the wrong meeting, I will politely turn down their approach. I have found that there is no reason to be impolite or rude.I am also aware that the person who does try and reach me, sometimes, had to muster a lot of courage to make the first attempt.Make your first message to a busy person as short as you can.Busy people are more likely to read and reply to a 100-word email than a 1,000-word one.If you send long-winded emails, busy people will hit delete long before they make sense of your offer.

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