Bronze age oak coffin graves archaeology and dendro dating

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Bronze age oak coffin graves archaeology and dendro dating

should be added to the year of publication (2016a, 2016b, etc.). Illustrations supplied in electronic format, high resolution TIFF and EPS files are preferred, JPG and PDF files are also accepted.

Calibrated dates should be reported using the latest available international calibration curve (currently Int Cal09).

If there are several works by the same author the name is cited only for the first of them and subsequently replaced by a dash.

The Spoils of Victory: The North in the Shadow of the Roman Empire. In short, underline the name of the periodical but not the title, with monographs underline the title of the monograph but not of the series.

Among the first five or six graves excavated, one contained something thought to be very unusual: a coffin crafted from the hollowed-out trunk of an oak tree.

This was initially interpreted as the burial of a particularly high-status individual, perhaps a community elder or local leader whose elevated position in life had merited special treatment in death.

Captions of figures and photographs should be typed in full on a separate list headed ‘Captions of Illustrations’.

Maps, diagrams and figures should be provided as separate files duly numbered.After this, MOLA carried out excavations immediately before and during the construction of the lake.Initial discoveries in the southern portion of the site were all distinctly domestic in nature: two Roman kilns; a web of Romano-British, Anglo-Saxon, and later medieval drainage ditches; and, towards the northern end, a massive boundary ditch. For photographs, the photographer’s name should similarly be given or other suitable acknowledgement of source. Roman Sources for the Geography and Ethnography of Germania. For drawings, the draughtsman’s name should be given in the captions or in a general acknowledgement in the text. A good balance should be maintained between text and figures.

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