Buddhism dating relationships

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Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano (Leonard Price) is an American Buddhist monk from Louisville, Kentucky.In lay life a writer and an actor, he was ordained as a Buddhist monk at Wat Mahadhatu in Bangkok in early 1987.

”“You always leave the laundry for me to fold—why can’t you fold it too?

You don’t draft a contract or divvy up who does what, but at the same time you begin to believe that your partner owes you certain things.

Those certain things extend beyond just loving you and being open and honest with you.

It is through applying basic Buddhist principles that we can use relationships with others as part of our path.

With care and consideration of your partner, falling in love does not have to be such a roller coaster; we just have to learn to handle our expectations.

We can use the lessons we learn in these relationships and apply them to all of our interactions. You likely have touched your tender soft spot, what in Sanskrit is referred to as your , when you opened your heart to someone else and were ultimately disappointed.

When you do get hurt, it is habitual to try to cover over your open heart. You shut yourself off from feeling vulnerable in an attempt not to get hurt again.

After some time we all do heal, and more often than not, we once again strive to reopen our heart.

There’s a level of joy that comes from connecting with other people in this way that we don’t want to miss out on. However, its highs are dizzying, its lows traumatic enough that we want to rid them from our memory.

We are turning away from our bodhichitta, shutting down our ability to act in a compassionate manner.

When you see yourself starting to stray from compassionate activity, you know your relationship is in trouble.

”“You always say that when I want to try something new.”When the expectations in a relationship get too fixed, they create the same destructive power as stuck emotions.