Butch femme trans dating

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Butch femme trans dating

Resources: Sappho’s Coffee House An online community aimed at Lesbians and Bisexual women based in the UK, It is a totally free messageboard facility.It features a host of forums, including politics, psychology, family and general chat and membership is open to age 16 Lesbian UK A positive place for UK black lesbians to communicate, network, ask for advice, and make friends.

Includes maps, flyers, reviews, events and photographs. Gay Girls UK An online forum for unattached gay women in the UK.free.hostdepartment.com/g/gaygirlsuk Symposia gay dating & lesbian personals for gay adults Gaydar Girls The first personals site in the UK for lesbians, featuring chat rooms, net meetings, and more news and gossip Love Exchange personal adverts Gay Contacts online personal adverts site women only night club in london Dining Club a club for professional gay women who can meet other lesbians for lunches, dinners, theatre trips and other social events Kenric Kenric Is a long established national organisation offering a social network to lesbians throughout the United Kingdom Women in Tune aims to get us all singing or being musical whatever our ability The Pink Sofa online lesbian community Blithe Spirits personal Introductions for professional gay women. Girlsweb personal ads Lesbian Trekkies Board Started out as a message board about Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine but has turned into a lesbian forum which has Star Trek content. Store A one stop lesbian and gay shopping service offering cards, t-shirts, posters, adult toys, massage oils, bath time goodies, key rings, gifts. Ama Menec Lesbian sculptor specialising in female archetypes, Goddesses, female mythical beasts and fat nudes. Paper Thoughts lesbian (and gay) greeting cards, calendars and prints Lavender Lifestyles The Online Lesbian Art and Craft Fair Silverweed Women’s jewellery Power Online independent book shop Gaytimz Ltd offers members of the lesbian & gay community prints that are taken from original artwork.

& J Greeting cards and clothing uk Gay Times the UK’s leading gay life and style magazine. Everything and the Girl the personalized introduction agency exclusively for gay / bisexual women Aristasia Friends Is a gentle new meeting place for women (only) who want to experience an all-female world online and in London.A place of innocence, elegance and charm where we can share our inner feelings. Lesbian Singles An internet dating service which specialises in personal ads for single gay women in the UK.Established in 2002, we have grown into what we consider is the leading UK lesbian dating site with over 41,000 personals contact ads for gay women in the UK. Black Out A site for Britain’s black gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, now with a Lesbian Domain In London Info An internet directory of London based women’s groups and other groups working for women in London. Check out the Dyke’s Domain Suburbia UK lesbian/gay listings Pink Links Loads of links to Lesbian and Gay sites Black Gay UK a site for britain’s black gay lesbian bisexual and transgender community Z search thousands of LGBT listings by town, and/or name, and/or type of organisation. Do you want to work out your priorities and make changes to yur career or personal life? Political / Campaigning Lesbian and Gay employment rights.

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