Camp counselors dating

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Camp counselors dating

Some activities require additional training programs, which are scheduled before pre-camp orientation.We offer Rope Initiative Training, Lifeguard, Water Safety Instruction, First Aid, CPR and Trip Leader Certification courses.

Counselors have their own recreation lodge with cable TV, computers, phones, refrigerator and microwave that are open for use during their leisure time.Tripp Lake Camp is looking for warm, nurturing, empathetic people who will contribute to the sense of community and well-being of our approximately 320 campers, who range in age from 7 to 16, and our staff.Tripp Lake Camp takes great pride in being among the most prestigious residential summer camps for girls in the United States.Popular Topics:, Scott Arizala lays the foundation for best practices when working with campers.From his years of experience as a camp person and in the trenches as a youth development professional, he shares the fundamental concepts and key skills to understanding the experience of summer camp and working with kids.For more information, please call the Assistant Director at 1-800-997-4347.

works with summer camps training their staff, designing programs, guiding administrators, writing curriculum and a whole lot more!

We also have dining room employees, laundry, housekeepers and a maintenance crew. Only highly qualified candidates are hired to care for and teach our campers.

Candidates must complete an interview process to ensure that each counselor is someone who embodies the values we espouse at Tripp lake Camp.

The quality of the Tripp Lake experience starts at the top with our Director, Leslie Konigsberg Levy, who started her career at Tripp Lake as a camper herself.

Her commitment to delivering a great residential camp experience is seen at every level.

Bring Scott in for a day or more in the middle of your camp program.

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