China love chnlove dating scam

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China love chnlove dating scam

Online dating is neither a passing fancy nor an inexpensive way to spend those lonely nights.

Do you want to find a quality Chinese bride via a fast and efficient way?So sad, but I guess that is why so many guys get sucked in.Chn has recently published two exclusive interviews in which male members who found success on the site shared their dating experience with online daters.A relationship with age gap can face several problems.If the male partner is much older (10 years or more), a lot of people might think he is a sugar daddy and not an equal partner.The latest scam from China involves some very innocent looking – but pretty – girls from China.

First they will send you a few simple emails in English, but then quickly try to get you to sign into one of their free membership sites – Asian Sweet Love.

I will try to report the latest scams in my blog here.

But, feel free to send me any email you have with information about new scams, if you see something interesting.

She left the site- after asking more than 20 times to be removed. they will generate A TON of letters from the girls you are no longer interested in... if negative i will report it to the local chinese consulate to investigate theis company.

6 months later the agency re-activated her profile..was just a translator pretending to be her. china does not deal lightly with fraudsters, here they get a kiss and a slap on the wrist, over there they get a brief trial, and if convicted on multible counts a blood test and then a trip to the range and a bullet through the head and their organs harvested.

I even use the Google translation web site when I am online chatting with an Asian girl, in real time.