Christian dating how to avoid temptation

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How do I stay pure with all of today’s modern pressures?

True, the dogs might not enter your house right away, but there’s a pretty good chance that eventually they will.

So, it's perfectly logical that sexual temptation is taking a back seat to other more pressing and relevant issues.

However, the many e-mails I received last week in response to my admission that I've watched a few episodes of that new TV show reminded me of a more subtle form of sexual temptation I think we singles in particular need to guard against: In today's entertainment culture, it's easy to get desensitized to sexual ethics and practices that are contrary to our Christian beliefs.

Likewise deciding to place yourselves in a situation where you have been previously tempted or amorous is also irresponsible.

Why would you place the one you love in the near occasion of sin?

As disciples of Christ, we are called to stay away from not just sin itself but from temptation.

We should strive to remain pure of heart (What is your intention in this relationship?

I'm not proud of these things, but they're true.

And I know from a few candid conversations with friends that there are many of us desperately trying to keep from being products of our over-sexualized culture.

In other words, the new battleground for sexual temptation isn't the bedroom, but our brains.

I'm startled every now and then when watching or the latest blockbuster flick to find myself not at all fazed when a couple winds up in bed together on the first date, or when I find myself even rooting for the consummation of a long-awaited romance or the breakup of a marriage so a third party can enter the scene.

), pure of mind (keep your thoughts chaste and do not dwell on activities that belong only in marriage) and pure of action (refrain from anything sexual in nature, or actions that create sexual arousal).