Coast guard dating policy

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The policy addresses financial educational programs, trainings, partnerships, counseling, legal protections, and other resources designed to help members attain their financial goals.Among the features offered in the PFMP is the Command Financial Specialist (CFS) Program.

All assigned CFSs shall be designated in writing, to assist in PFMP implementation.(3) Personal and romantic relationships between instructors at training commands and students.Service members married to Service members, or otherwise closely related (e.g., parent/child, siblings), shall maintain requisite respect and decorum attending the official military relationship between them while either is on duty or in uniform in public.(2) Romantic relationships outside of marriage between commissioned officers and enlisted personnel.For the purposes of this paragraph, Coast Guard Academy cadets and officer candidates (both OCS and ROCI) are considered officers.This policy applies regardless of rank, grade, or position.

This policy applies to Reservists in an active status, whether or not on duty.

(1) members have a supervisor/subordinate relationship (including periodic supervision of duty section or watchstanding personnel), or (2) members are assigned to the same small shore unit (less than 60 members), or (3) members are assigned to the same cutter, or (4) the relationship is manifested in the work environment in a way which disrupts the effective conduct of daily business.

The nature of operations and personnel interactions on cutters and small shore units makes romantic relationships between members assigned to such units the equivalent of relationships in the chain of command and, therefore, unacceptable.

Most of the time, the enlisted member is not charged.

FLAG VOICE 455 The Personal Financial Management Program (PFMP), Commandant Instruction 1740.8, is intended to implement specific requirements to ensure Coast Guard Service members, civilian employees, and their families have the resources needed to achieve financial security in keeping with the Commandant's Guiding Principles.

So, if fraternization was found to exist, the Coast Guard could adminstratively separate the reservist for the conduct, not necessary for UCMJ to apply.