Comic geek dating

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Comic geek dating

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Admittedly, I also still love watching cartoons, including sometimes popping in a DVD of Superman or Justice League in the morning while I eat breakfast. Not to say I don't enjoy something non-superhero or non-sci-fi/fantasy.For example, my favourite movie of all time are Shawshank Redemption.The fact that growing number of independent and corporate books are being turned into big movies reflects that. I love Star Trek, but I am not dressing up as a Klingon for sex games. Respect, love and accept that person for who they are... If I girl asked me if I think it'd be sexy if she wore, say, Superman underwear or a Wonder Woman outfit or something? Clearly, our opinions on superheroes and what they represent to us is vastly different. If you're one of those "special edition" collectors that bought up all the special comics in the 90's and such? I'll be honest, OP, my husband is a World of Warcraft (let's just call it) *fan*, lol.I would not worry if women get on your case about comics. As long as it's balanced with other interests, it's fine. Alot of people like myself are still into video games, anime/comics/ and a bit of SCI-FI. At first I thought, are you nuts, video games at your age?Our sizzlin' series of Silver Age Spotlights on Mighty Marvel mainstays continues with a look at the Invincible Iron Man!

Head engineer Chris Eberle lays out the schematics of the first five years of Iron Man stories: the supporting cast, the nefarious foes, the Cold War propagandism ('COMMIES!Honestly, I love the mythology and ideological aspects behind superheroes (empowerment, freedom, identity, etc) and everything they represent.I think there's a lot of great comic books out there that can very well be considered literature (Watchmen, for example, is the War & Peace of comics, in my opinion).By no means am I ashamed of it, either, but it certainly is a part of my life.I'm not the type of comic book geek that has long discussions on who could beat who or that kind of thing, but I do have a rather large library of graphic novels from all sorts of different companies (not just Spider-Man or Batman type).This might be a redundant subject, so if it gets voted away, no biggie.

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