Communication barries with online dating

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It results in delay in communication and information gets changed before it reaches the receiver.

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If there is a lack of trust between them, the receiver will always derive an opposite meaning from the message.

This happens because the information is not sent in simple language.

The chief language-related barriers are as under:(i) Badly Expressed Message: Because of the obscurity of language there is always a possibility of wrong interpretation of the messages.

For example, when a lower-level employee has to send his message to a superior at the top level there is a lurking fear in his mind that the communication may be faulty, and because of this fear, he cannot convey himself clearly and in time.

It delays the decision making.(iv) Complexity in Organisational Structure: The greater number of managerial levels in an organisation makes it more complex.

Thus, there arises psychological hurdle in the communication.(iii) Loss by Transmission and Poor Retention: When a message is received by a person after it has passed through many people, generally it loses some of its truth. This happens normally in case of oral communication.

Poor retention of information means that with every next transfer of information the actual form or truth of the information changes.

For example, moving one’s neck to reply to a question does not indicate properly whether the meaning is ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.(2) Psychological or Emotional Barriers The importance of communication depends on the mental condition of both the parties.

A mentally disturbed party can be a hindrance in communication.

It's important to remember that there are differences between talking and communicating.

When we talk, we tend to erect barriers that hinder our ability to communicate.

According to one estimate, with each transfer of oral communication the loss of the information amounts to nearly 30%.

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