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This is a community where INTJs can meet others with similar personalities and discuss a wide variety of both serious and casual topics.

Most Hollywood stories really evolve around an Evil Villain (INTJ) threatening the old order, so a nice guy (usually ESTJ or something like that) comes around to save it, then everyone is happy again.Not to mention that charisma of Hitler's, which is a very INFJ trait.I have also written down several whom I speculate to be INTJs, while not yet having been affirmed.Though, come to think of it, most heroes are probably S, aren't they?I guess that it's the mad, well-meaning scientist who gets to be INTP, like Doc from Back to the Future.1 * Phileas Fogg Around the World in Eight Days (novel and film adaptations) * Professor Moriarty - Sherlock Holmes antagonist * Sherlock Holmes * Reed Richards the Fantastic Four * Stewie Griffin - Family Guy * Tom Hagen Godfather * V - V for Vendetta * Vicious - Cowboy Bebop * Victor von Frankenstein * Vito Corleone Godfather * Willy Wonka Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Hmmm...

btw: if you haven't seen the show you should buy it on DVD and watch it (theres only 1 season).Arthur - lawyer, American President * Chevy Chase - actor, comedian * Dan Akroyd - actor, comedian, musician * Donald Rumsfeld - former U.Polk - American President * Jane Austen - author (Pride and Prejudice) * Joan Lunden - Journalist * Josephine Tey - English author * Katie Couric - journalist * Lance Armstrong - cyclist (seven Tour De France wins) * Maria Shriver - journalist, wife to Arnold Schwarzenegger * Martina Navratilova - tennis champion * Michael Dukakis - former Governor of Massachusetts * Orel Hershiser - baseball player (pitcher) * Pernell Roberts - actor, activist * Peter Jennings - journalist * Raymond Burr - actor (Perry Mason), vintner * Rudy Giuliani - former New York City mayor * Sir Isaac Newton - Astronomer * Susan B.Nostradamus, clearly INTx, although I don't know him well enough to really comment on J v P.Replying to why INTJ's go insane, maybe the general public is not sure how INTJ's think and function.Bennett - politician * Woodrow Wilson - American President * General Ulysses S.