Curly hair dating

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Those blessed hair Athenas know they don't belong in the same category as the rest of us free-frizz-balling lasses.

As a total narcissist from a young age, if my hair was the focus of the classroom, I'd want to keep it that way. This was for fro-y toddlers everywhere who don't yet have the coordination or years of expertise to care for their own kinks.

A curly-haired lady can do all sorts of things with her head.

She can rock all kinds of styles and constantly surprise you.

I used to spend an hour straightening my hair every morning before work or school until I discovered how gorgeous my hair was when natural. I'm not a fan of my straight gives a damn what men think? I have naturally curly hair, almost down to my waist and sometimes I see women with straight hair and I think that their hair is much more sexy and attractive.... I straighten it when I go to work or where I want to look a bit more " serious "..once the night hits, I just pop in the shower and let it airdry to the wild wavy mane that it is.

I'm one of the few in my family with curly hair; my teen years were spent frizzed and fried since I had not a clue on how to manage it... *Lol*I have straight hair and my sister has the most gorgeous curly hair ever. you have to be comfy with you style, mine is straight and long,ok someone here said that was boring, SOOOOOOOOO lol, It takes me 30 mins to strighten my hair,if I left it wavy then I would just leave it, in other words,i take care of my hair and it is important to me, I want my man to know I have looked after it and worked at itman..... go I don't like messing with my hair too much so it's staying curly. My sister has pin straight hair and I find it gorgeous....alternatively, she finds my wavy hair hot.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. If only I could pull off red hair...*sigh* Alas, mine is a few shades from black.

As a straight female with long naturally curly hair, I find curls on women more attractive, more seductive. Ahhh, I find it more wild, more untamed -- and that's sexy.She also won't bang out lest she becomes attached and then it requires too much upkeep.That's why coiled girls got it going on — they know just how long it takes to keep it looking good.When we see a fellow corkscrew, we have an understanding that comes from years of accepting that our hair can never look like Gisele's without a ton of effort.We harbor a special deference stemming from a shared experience in which we both got high off unapproved FDA keratin.People ask her if she gets it done in the beauty parlour..what does she use to curl it.