Dallas dating spots

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Dallas dating spots - dating prescott valley az

There is also a rodeo every Friday and Saturday night, though that will cost you a whopping $17.50.

Order: Any whole-fish special for the grill makes a spectacular conversation piece.3.

Next to the Kimbell is the Modern Art Musuem of Fort Worth, which costs , but is free on the first Sunday of every month.

Next to the Amon Carter is the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, which is also . Fort Worth Zoo OK, so there’s both the Dallas Zoo and the Fort Worth Zoo to choose from, but most people seem to agree that the one in Fort Worth is the better of the two. You may think of the zoo as a place for kids, but an unscientific poll of two grown women showed that they both thought it was a great date idea. Fort Worth Stockyards Real cowboys might scoff at its touristy nature, but for city slickers the Stockyards do allow you to see cattle drives, gunfights, and wild west shows, while browsing through blocks of western-themed shops.

The Grape The Lower Greenville restaurant is one of the most romantic spots in the city, with its French bistrolike decor, intimate bar area and twinkling patio.

Order: The braised lamb tartines are sublime and shareable.2.

All you need is some wine, sublime shareable dishes and a little mood lighting.

Here are nine places to cozy up on your next date.1.We’ll let you know about events when we meet on Tuesdays, and you can also check our Facebook page for invites. Check this list out, whether you are looking for dates spots you can get dinner, drinks movies, events, or music (basically listed in that order)... And yes, these are first-run movies; the same as the ones you would pay twice as much for at the North Park AMC.North Park is a million times better mall than Valley View, but the theaters aren’t really that different.(No, not that 2 Saturday, though that would be a creative way to serve together as a couple—and since they occur at different times of the day, you could do both.) The second Saturday this April is Mc Kinney Square’s annual Arts in Bloom, when you can take an Art Walk and see work by over 100 local artists. Outside of Tuesdays, we regularly have events like the Valentine’s party at Bowl and Barrel last week.

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