Dating 1 thessalonians

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Dating 1 thessalonians

It was after Timothy and Silvanus rejoined Paul in Corinth (Acts 18:5), that he wrote 1 Thessalonians in response to Timothy’s good report of the church.

Author and Date The Apostle Paul identified himself twice as the author of this letter (1:1; ).Five major themes are woven together in 1 Thessalonians: 1) an apologetic theme with the historical correlation between Acts and 1 Thessalonians; 2) an ecclesiastical theme with the portrayal of a healthy, growing church; 3) a pastoral theme with the example of shepherding activities and attitudes; 4) an eschatological theme with the focus on future events as the church’s hope; and 5) a missionary theme with the emphasis on gospel proclamation and church planting. Interpretive Challenges Primarily the challenges for understanding this epistle involve the sections that are eschatological in nature: 1) the coming wrath (; 5:9); 2) Christ’s return (; ; ; ); 3) the rapture of the church (–18); and 4) the meaning and time of the Day of the Lord (5:1–11). Paul’s authorship has not been questioned until recently by radical critics. The first of Paul’s two letters written from Corinth to the church at Thessalonica is datedca. Because of their effective ministry, the Jews had Paul’s team evicted from the city (Acts 17:5–9), so they went south to evangelize Berea (Acts ).Their attempts to undermine Pauline authorship has failed in light of the combined weight of evidence favoring Paul such as: 1) the direct assertions of Paul’s authorship (1:1; ); 2) the letter’s perfect correlation with Paul’s travels in Acts 16–18; 3) the multitude of intimate details regarding Paul; and 4) the confirmation by multiple, early historical verifications starting with Marcion’s canon in A. There Paul had a similar experience to Thessalonica with conversions followed by hostility, so the believers sent Paul away.Suffice it to say here that these historical problems are by no means insurmountable: in the least, if Luke is giving a selective account (as is his custom for much of his narrative), it is quite possible to suppose that Paul had stayed in Thessalonica much longer than three weeks and that, therefore, the make-up of the church was altered as more and more Gentiles joined the ranks.. However, not only is there no MS evidence that this was ever not a part of this letter, but -16 seems to form an inclusio with 1:2-10, finishing off that section in a literarily tight fashion.

Further, even if this were an interpolation, this would not deny authenticity for the rest of the epistle.Enjoying local autonomy, the city was apparently governed by a board of magistrates…Furthermore, according to Acts 17, the city also had a senate and a public assembly.However, during Timothy’s visit back to Thessalonica, they refer only to Paul and Silvanus (3:1,2,6). This date has been archeologically verified by an inscription in the temple of Apollos at Delphi (near Corinth) which dates Gallio’s service as proconsul in Achaia to A. Some Jews believed and soon after, Hellenistic proselytes and some wealthy women of the community also were converted (Acts 17:4).Paul commonly used such editorial plurals because the letters camewith the full support of his companions. Mentioned among these new believers were Jason (Acts 17:5), Gaius (Acts ), Aristarchus (Acts 20:4), and Segundus (Acts 20:4).Thessalonica remained in Greek hands until 168 BCE, when the Romans took possession after winning the battle of Pydna. Macedonia was united into one Roman province with Thessalonica as the natural choice for its capital. The Roman proconsul, the governor of Macedonia, had his residence in Thessalonica, but because it was a “free city” he did not control its internal affairs.

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