Dating a close family friend

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Dating a close family friend - No log in sex chat for free

Your own kids may also be full of questions, such as why their friends' dad (or mom) isn't living at their house anymore or whether you're on the road to divorce, too.

"You don't want her to feel isolated right now." Family friends are getting a divorce and all the kids involved have a lot of questions about it.By the same token, be sensitive to both of their feelings by not telling either of them about the time you may have spent with the other person and ensure both of them that anything discussed when you are with them will always be confidential.Your brother is getting a divorce but you've grown close to your former sister-in-law and want to remain friends with her.Keep in mind, too, that just because the news comes as a shock to you, the same might not apply for her; she may have been thinking about it, and discussing it with her spouse, for years before the announcement.One thing that is certain: Berating her for making a mistake won't help, says Swann.If she just wants a little company, offer to take her along on your morning walks or to the gym; come by with coffee (or a bottle of wine! Don't forget she may need practical help, too: Offer to drive her kids places or ask your husband to help out with chores like mowing the lawn or getting the oil changed in her car, suggests Swann.

Your sister is getting a divorce, but you think she's making a mistake.The easiest way to provide support is to take your cues from her: If she wants to just spend time with you without talking about her ex, do that.If she needs a few late-night sessions to vent and work through her grief, be there for her.Reassure them that their parents still love them, and that the divorce is absolutely, positively not their fault (often a child's biggest fear or suspicion).But resist trying to answer specific questions about "what happened." The truth is that you don't know the details.You may find that your friend is in tighter financial straits immediately after her divorce, particularly if she was a stay-at-home mom during the marriage, or has had to move because she could no longer afford the mortgage.

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