Dating a rescue swimmer

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Although only three persons were recovered alive, Petty Officer Mc Cann was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for his heroic efforts. The Congressional Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee convened hearings to question why the worlds premier maritime rescue service was unable to assist people in the water.It became apparent during testimony the existing techniques and equipment were inadequate for rescue in such extreme circumstances as occurred with the MARINE ELECTRIC.

A video taken from a helicopter hovering overhead shows the swimmers being buffeted by waves as a rescuer was lowered into the water before throwing them a lifebuoy.

Not normally maintaining a ready helicopter on weekends, the Navy recalled LCDR William Sontag, who quickly rounded up a crew including rescue swimmer Petty Officer James Mc Cann.

The Navy H-3 helicopter arrived on scene at 0605, and for over an hour, both aircraft positioned themselves to receive survivors.

• Charity worker dies after falling in freezing loch on fishing trip All five of the group were then flown to Royal Cornwall Hospital Treliske for medical treatment. "Whilst it may appear to look like a nice day it doesn't mean the water is safe.

Emma Watkins from UK Coastguard warned beachgoers to beware of the dangers and not be fooled by the unseasonably mild temperatures. We strongly advise people to check for warning signs.

Petty Officer Mc Cann swam to the point of exhaustion in 40 foot seas in his effort to save as many as he could.

Conditions were so severe and the temperatures so cold that sea water on his facemask froze.

Numbed by severe hypothermia, the men were unable to grab the basket and floundered helplessly.

LT Olin quickly recognized that these victims could not be rescued with the capabilities at hand and asked RCC Portsmouth to make an immediate call to NAS Oceana to inquire if a Navy helicopter and rescue swimmer might be available to assist.

They were part of a group of five swimming off a beauty spot in Cornwall who were dragged out to sea by the rip current, a flow of water away from the shore that can be strong enough to overcome an Olympic swimmer.

Dramatic footage of the incident showed two of the swimmers being battered by waves in Holywell Bay, where high winds and rough seas created treacherous conditions on Sunday despite the unseasonably mild weather.

He directed that the holds be inspected to ensure the cargo was secure.

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