Dating a stingy man

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Dating a stingy man

My reservations notwithstanding, I am totally not into ladies who believe the guy owe them the duty of spending on them. D WORST is dat, most stuffs u ladies BEG for are already in your possession. This girl na poverty dey worry you and It's obvious.

Matter of factly I am of the view that a guy who has no viable means of livelihood shouldn't get into any serious relationship, safe for one or more not too seroous dates. Hardly will u find a lady that is project -driven.. D WORST dat can happen to u as a struggling GRADUATE IS TO DATE A JOBLESS and insatiable lady...

A man can decide not to spend on you but still spend on his siblings and parents. A man that is treading with caution is the one doing that, he doesn't want to be the latest mugu in town. I watched a report on NTA months ago and it confirmed this statement.

If your parents can't give you these, is it not fair to tag your parents stingy too? ahmodu4real:them say them dislike stingy guy and 90% of them girls are very stingy and self centered, imagine a girl that know am a student will ask me for money to do her i will try and giver a little.

Thats where guys differ from one another cause some of us like giving willingly and others unwillingly buh that doesn't give ya the impetus to tax us.

Lastly, girls asking for all these things you just mention are the ones who usually get fvcked cheaply for money, you beta reboot that ur brain and think straight b4 I classify you among the Un-loyal hoes.

Recharge card things it's on my own terms even though I send it to her a lot. I v a friend who people think nd even say he's stingy but he isn't to me. if ur not he's friend don't expect any sacrifice from him cos as far as he's concerned he's wasting his resources if spends it on a course not connected to him.. understand him nd u wouldn't v problem with receiving or giving to him. D annoying part is dat,this is ORDINARY DATING ..even a legally married .. D worst is that if u hear what these ladies request for...

She dare not ask me on her own coz I will deliberately refuse.....let's take a look @ d same scene backward in time... A lady(24yrs) i once took to silver bed cinema..b4 i met my BELOVED FIANCEE...

If your parents can't provide them for you then go and Stand in Festac!

Your bf is suppose to do things on his own and not ask him.

Just like sm1 will be told buying a car isn't the problem bt can u keep the car in good condition when the need arises.hmmmm... IS THIS HOW YOUR PARENTS TAKE U OUT 4 SHOPPING....?

oya ladies una don hear am frm d men.una wise up nd work for ur own to think of it sha.guys aint ur parents so lets sit up nd do wat we knw how to do well i.e. Hardly will u find a lady that is project -driven.. D WORST dat can happen to u as a struggling GRADUATE IS TO DATE A JOBLESS and insatiable lady...hmmmm... A reasonable man can only be supportive of his woman when he sees she has a goal, a direction to achieve something, a path that will yield positively.

Let him know you have needs - You might be surprised that the guy may feel you don’t have financial needs especially if you are a working class lady.

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