Dating at age 12

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There's something to be said for "dating" when it's still 99.9% innocent re: personal confidence about later more "real" relationships.

I'd also advise you not to get hung up on whatever they want to call their time together.

But these days, there's even more reason for concern.

"Kids almost seem to be running the bases backward," says Marisa Nightingale, of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, referring to the new sexuality.

So far I've been able to steer through a very narrow navigable channel, but I'd like to establish a dating policy (which I didn't need to do when my other son was this age, because he was slow to mature and a bit socially awkward).

I told him, "It's too soon for 'dating' but 'play dates' are fine; and every day is too often for talking to her on the phone." (He has OCD and tends to want to phone friends compulsively.) But he wants to know when he can 'date' and I don't know what to say.

From what you've described, it doesn't sound much different --at this point --than when kindergarteners decide they are "boyfriend and girlfriend." It does sound, however, like this might be a good time to have "the talk" (about sex) if you haven't already, since he's moving quickly towards physical maturity.

(This piece of advice is completely independent of his relationship with this particular girl.) As far as "when can he date," I'd tell him when he can drive himself and his date to the movie, pay for dinner himself, and generally show evidence of being able to handle himself in a responsible manner without a parent.But a female friend of his from school has been calling their play dates "dates." The truth is that when we pick her up and take them to the swimming pool, or whatever, they just yak about stuff, go down the water slide again and again -- to us it looks like a normal play date.He told me they were "dating", and had the idea I should drive them around, pay for movies and so on, and make myself persona non grata because he thought (realized) people go on "dates" without their parents.And ask your teen to think about what she would do if she weren't in a group, says Sabrina Weill, author of The Real Truth About Teens and Sex."Say to her, ‘If nobody was drinking a beer, would you? '" Teens aren't pairing off just in the evening; they're also hanging out together right after school.Industrialization moved that age back, but our bodies don't know that.