Dating coaches in nj

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As I continued to grow in my new found profession, I began to recognize that singles over 40 were under served in the dating world.

With this new passion ignited within me, I knew I had found my life’s work.My experience as a professional listener has allowed me to notice recurring pattern in many of my clients’ dating histories.I am able to offer them my observations and insights; helping them to find happier, healthier, and more fulfilling relationships.In 2005 I began working for a Professional Matchmaking Company in Manhattan.This career transition allowed me to incorporate the people skills and networking experiences I learned as a Social Worker, while helping people move towards their heart’s desire.The results have been a lot more activity and dates.

I am meeting interesting people, one of whom she has introduced to me and will hopefully be a permanent match!She has a very loving, caring and supportive style yet is very candid and honest in her approach.She is approachable, available, a fantastic listener and pays close attention to the details.She always takes the time to get you prepared for a date and follows-up the day after.She is sincerely concerned how each date went, how relationships progress and for your success.The formation of “The Courtship Coach” was born from my desire to assist singles over 40 find someone wonderful to love.