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For example, in a 2015 survey, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 43 percent of sexually active U. high school students did not use a condom the last time they had sex.

Some experts say that casual attitude may be one reason why many sexually active young people don’t take don’t take preventive measures, leaving them at risk for HIV infections.While South Bend may not scream “thriving metropolis” to the random onlooker, The South Bend Chocolate Factory manages to act as a semi-urban oasis for those non-native Midwesterners yearning for a bustling setting.Home to not only 500 variations of homemade chocolates but also an outdoor seating area with live music, the Chocolate Factory might just be the perfect place to go on a date in South Bend. The SB Chocolate Factory houses a chocolate for every taste, as well as a surplus of hot drinks to pair with your favorite chocolate treat.Often, she said, the sex is virtually “anonymous” because the partners may not even know each other’s last names.“People are meeting and hooking up with social media.They’ll meet up and have casual, anonymous sex, and then they’ll never see them again,” she said.Sure, you could buy some probably expired chocolate ice cream from the huddle or take a whack at Campus Ministry’s stale chocolate M&M bowl, but nothing will do the trick.

Maybe you’re one of those “lets plan everything now” people who has a list of both your future kids and future pets names in a notes page on your phone.

If you’re one of these “planner” types, you’re probably going to want to talk about kids with your significant other.

On a college campus, you rarely see kids roaming around, so taking a trip to the SB Chocolate Factory to see kids with melted chocolate streaming down their faces could be the perfect way to drop the kiddo question!

AIDS Ministries/AIDS Assist of Northern Indiana, one of the chief area nonprofits that offers services for people with HIV in a six-county area, recorded 11 new positive tests through June this year, surpassing the total of nine new positive tests through all of 2015.

Of those new HIV patients, 60 percent were younger than age 30.“The thing we’re seeing the most is young people being HIV positive, with most being diagnosed through sex,” said Leeah Hopper, the agency’s director. Joseph County alone recorded 17 new HIV cases through June of this year, putting it on pace to surpass the 19 new cases for all of 2015, according to statistics from the Indiana State Department of Health.

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