Dating in the closet afterellen

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Dating in the closet afterellen - jewish online dating service htm

Lex First of all I'm really sorry about making you edit my post - I should have been more careful. I'm in the US now and hence have no reason for being anxious about people's reactions.But I am more concerned about what my parents will have to face once word is out.

That can give you a bit of "deniability" if you're worried somebody will recognize you.

Yes - after I do find someone that I want to be in a relationship with, it will be sad to keep it hidden forever - I'm hoping I can deal with it by coming out to my parents and a select group of friends only.

Please feel free to comment - I know what I've said probably seems silly but I hope you can understand my background! I tend to think that dating in the closet is a bad idea; it certainly was for me.

I'm a gay guy in the bay area and still in the closet.

I want to date another guy that is also in the closet but just don't know how to go about it.

I wouldn't tell you to not try dating in the closet, but I would warn you that it can be an awful experience.

Approach it wisely, maybe you can tell at least one person who you trust. I have worked for an lgbt news publication and it has made me grow by leaps and bounds, making me understand that this is part of who I am and I shouldn't hide myself to anyone, because to me it makes me seem like I am a liar.And maybe agree with a guy you find that you'll each tell one person; that would have helped me. If I missed a job opportunity or an advancement in life because of it, I get greater satisfaction in being true to myself than getting something for not being who I am.With that said, a few months ago I met another individual who since then we have fallen in love.I don't want them to face harassment on my account.So I'd like to at least try being closeted for sometime and see if I can find my happiness without disrupting the peace of my family.In addition, meeting people via the web is a very hit-and-miss endeavor in any event, and closeted guys might feel they have a lot more to lose than out guys. First off, there's nothing wrong with using a standard dating site.

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